12″ on Permanent Vacation

The new 12″ on Permanent Vacation features two tracks of the forthcoming album of Prommer and Barck. Here comes the first 12″ release of the new project by Christian Prommer and Alexander Barck, aka PROMMER & BARCK. You surely know them since both of them are around in the dance business for a long time and are responsible for many quality releases and dj sets alike. Alexander Barck is part of the Berlin group JAZZANOVA and is famous for his deep and driving dj sets. Christian Prommer is one of the most sought after producers in dance business these days. After being part of FAUNA FLASH and the TRÜBY TRIO for many years, and sculpting their sound, in recent years he became famous for his superb DRUMLESSON project, and being one of the main producer’s of DJ HELL’s latest album.
This 12″ includes the titles “PICTURES OF THE SEA” and “GLADYS KNIGHT”. “PICTURES OF THE SEA“ is a beautiful cover version of the Al Di Meola Theme, which turns in the middle into a lush deep house groover, perfect for early/ late night dancefloor action. “GLADYS KNIGHT“ is the result when after a long studio day all the machines were still on (in this case esp. the mic) and you start to jam and fool around. Often the best things happen unplanned and so “GLADYS KNIGHT“ came out as a wonky 80’s boogie jam, Larry Levan would be proud of. In our opinion dance music doesn’t get any better than this- pure quality !

Horse Meat Disco: love gladys knight! super groovy
Optimo: so good. wonderful vox. wish i was somewhere hot and could drift off to “pictures of the sea”, by the sea.
Adam Freeland: Its all about Pictures of the sea for me . Great set intro
The Revenge: Beautiful stuff, love these guys.
Photonz: DOPE stuff. “Gladys Knight” is the one for us. JAK the cocconut.
Erol Alkan: me like
Muallem: Great record….massive!
Tim Paris: Ah really like this release again !
Mad Mats: Gladys Night is supa hot…Barck & Prommer on a roll!!
Social Disco Club: Love both tracks! PV never fails
Rory Phillips: serious inxs/chris rea vibes, love this!

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